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My principles

I create solutions in financial management, obtaining resources for investments, operations or acquisitions which help businesses grow. In addition, I help companies optimize the cost of existing loans and leases.

My philosophy is understanding the client’s business, finding solutions to their financial needs and taking an active role in meetings with banks and financial institutions.

  • Brainpower – I use my experience in financing businesses, entrepreneurs and companies as well as the banking and financial sector to find the best solution to the client’s financial needs.
  • I actively search for the best solution – Over 150 financial institutions are operating on the market. Each has their own rules, products and potential to meet the customer’s needs.
  • I do not give up – You live with your business, experiencing both good times and harder times - I look for solutions to your needs with the same intensity of determination and enthusiasm.

My experience

I am a financier. My career began in the first leasing company in Czechoslovakia, and soon after I started working for Volkswagen Financial Services, where I was responsible for operations, risk and IT. Subsequently, I worked in GE Money, Citibank and, from the year 2006, I worked for Raiffeisen Group in the Czech Republic. Thanks to my many years of experience in senior positions in international financial institutions and my activities on the credit committees of these organizations, I have a feel for finding solutions to clients’ financial needs that will be accepted by financing institutions.

Since 2013 I have been operating as a consultant from small and mid-sized firms and entrepreneurs. I utilize knowledge and experience from the ‘other side’ -  the side of credit providers - and with this I help clients to better orient themselves in the financial environment.

Over the course of my more than twenty-year career in senior positions in international financial institutions I have executed an array of interesting transactions and created solutions which today are commonly offered on the Czech Republic’s financial market.

  • I have secured financing for more than 200,000 clients including entrepreneurs, small and mid-sized firms, corporations and private individuals.
  • I was working at the emergence of the following products on the Czech market: financing leases, operating leases, investment loans secured by moveable assets, financing of farmers, financing of photovoltaic plants, …
  • I secured financing of non-standard items: yachts, planes, land, hotels, shop equipment, and the financing of distribution channels, …

For my clients, I have solved problems with securing financing, saving on interest rates, re-financing loans for the purpose of reducing strains on cash flow, and financing projects with temporary legal issues.


Through external cooperation, I bring solutions in the area of financial management, acquiring resources for investment, operations and acquisitions, and optimizing the costs of existing financing.

For clients, whose internal structure does not have the position of CFO or Financial Director, I offer help with meetings with financial institutions and finding a suitable financing solution for them.

Thanks to more than twenty years’ experience in banking, leasing and other financial services, I am capable of finding solutions that the client needs.

I save clients’ time, effort and capacity, which they can then fully devote to their business and development.

Your External CFO

Have you found a solution to at least one of the following questions during your business activities?

  • Do the operational financing needs of our firm correspond to the actual possibilities on the financial market?
  • We want to expand, but how to proceed finding ‘credit’?
  • We have a new commission, it is a fantastic opportunity – but will we be able to manage it economically?
  • Why is one of our divisions still unprofitable, when the others are profitable?

In these and many more situations, the role of the financial director is irreplaceable. Compared to accountants or tax advisors, financial directors think strategically, evaluate economics together with a greater perspective and long-term outlook, helping owners and senior management to make the right decision.

If you are interested in this topic, you can learn more at www.vasCFO.cz 

My clients

I work for entrepreneurs and owners of small and mid-sized firms. Just as they are experts in their respective fields, I use my expertise to help them better utilize the possibilities offered on the financial market, saving their time and resources and reducing costs to make the financing of their production and business activities more efficient and promote the growth of their companies.

For those of you who want to invest your capital and further develop your wealth, I offer opportunities for long-term investment instruments.

Case studies:

Financial management of several companies

Client: Owner of several companies operating in the domestic market.

Operational Financing

Client: Travel agency

External CFO

Client: A manufacturing with several economically independent divisions

Complete company refinancing

Client: A company dealing with property rental.

Operational financing of a start-up

Client: Limited Company

Financing investment in Poland

Client: A newly established company

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